Nonverbal Verbal And Nonverbal Communication Essays

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Nonverbal communication is communication through gestures, eye contact, touch, and facial expressions. Nonverbal communication provides us with hints to individual’s internal feelings. It’s important that the messages conveyed through both nonverbal and verbal communication are clear so that messages are expressed appropriately. For example, if you are angry then your facial expressions should match your tone of voice however, if you state your not angry (verbal communication) while you are clinching your teeth and rolling your eyes (nonverbal communication) the message is unclear and communication was not conveyed effectively. Thus, in order for communication to be effective, both verbal and nonverbal communication should match.

Proximity is important during communicating with others because where individuals sit or stand relative to another person can signify levels of intimacy or the type of relationship they share. A distance of 0 to 18 inches is considered the intimate zone, which is typically the space shared among close friends, romantic partners, and close friends. Eye contact is important during communicating with others because it conveys interest. However, eye contact does vary by cultures and some view eye contact as disrespect. There are many forms of touch when communicating with others such as, handshakes or hugging which is the more intimate form. Touching also varies throughout cultures and it is seen as the most intimate form of nonverbal communication.…

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