Essay on Nonverbal Verbal And Nonverbal Communication

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Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication is the creation of meaning using the movement of our body, gestures, facial expressions, gaze, and facial features. Other ways of nonverbal communication are voice, how fast, how loud we speak, physical appearance, the space we use between words when communicate and the way we behave. Nonverbal cues compound a big part of language (Canary, Cody & Manusov, 2008 p 60). Effective communication must include verbal and nonverbal massages with on objective. People must include words, body movement and gestures to express what they want to transmit. A people that want to transmit happiness, feat and enthusiasm cannot express it with slouched shoulders and low voice. This massage must be expressed with a firm stance, loud voice and with body movement like arms up or with small jumps. Nonverbal communication is divided into many categories according to the objective. Some of these categories are what people express using facial expressions and gaze, Kinesics, and vocalics. Facial expression and gaze refer to the nonverbal cues that occur in around the face to communicate. For example, when a person wants to express happiness, he or she expresses it with a smile. In the other hand a frown demonstrated anger or disapproval of something. The eyes and gaze are also widely used in nonverbal communication. For example a person that keeps long time a gaze or closed eyes reflects depression or sadness (Canary, Cody & Manusov, 2008 p 60).…

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