Nonverbal Communication Is The Way We Communicate Without Using Words

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Nonverbal communication is the way we communicate without using words. It 's our facial expressions, body postures, eye contacts and hand gestures. An example is everyone uses body language in different ways while we communicate. The types of nonverbal communication is socialized with proxemics, oculesics, and posture.

The location I choose to perform my violation of a cultural norm was in the cafeteria. I used the cafeteria that is in the Gordon Student Center. After trying to decide which cultural norm to experiment with, I choose to invade someone else 's personal space. The plan I created was going up to someone in the cafeteria, and intentionally sitting close to the person to invade a person’s personal space. I would not communicate with the individual so the interaction would be silence.

The social situation was between a person, and myself that I sat with in the cafeteria. Our interaction was awkward, and there silence between us. When I first began to get closer to the guy there was no reaction, but he kept moving a little whenever I kept leaning toward him. I wanted the person to show more reaction but he did not like me getting too close to his personal space. I had no idea that the initial reaction by the person would be to move back. This is usually considered appropriate nonverbal behavior in this situation of proxemics, oculesics, and posture that I experimented with in my violation of a cultural norm.

I used proxemics as one of my violation…

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