Nonverbal Communication Is Communication Without Words Essay

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On Sunday night at 8 o’clock, I observed these two girls at the Cup A Joe on Hillsborough Street to determine their nonverbal behaviors. Nonverbal communication is communication without words. More specifically, I am focusing on five nonverbal channels, including body, face, eyes, space, and artifacts to observe the behaviors. While I was observing the girls, it became obvious that they were friends catching up on the latest gossip. Nonetheless, the meeting was casual but relaxed. The two girls chose a medium sized round table with five chairs, but chose the chairs closest to each other with about two feet distance. This provided me with evidence in which the girls were friends having a casual conversation and it indicated that they had a healthy relationship with each other. The atmosphere around the girls consumed of others meeting with their group members or working silently on their computers while sipping on a cup of joe. The coffee shop itself was very artsy and outdated with mix matched tables and chairs, some clothed chairs and some wooden ones. It was a very tranquil atmosphere where people can go to relax, study or even talk with a friend. In addition, there was even a spray-painted mural on one side of the wall which gave off the artsy vibe.
Moreover, two parts of body communication can alter the way a conversation goes due to the movements used and even the appearance. Referring to body movements, a person may illustrate their verbal messages using hand…

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