Nonverbal Communication Analysis

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Speech has been the most important and representative way in communication and we use it mainly in delivering facts and data. Speech was developed between 2 million and 500,000 years ago. After that, non-verbal communications were the main forms of conducting inner life of people including their emotions, moods, feelings and attitudes.
Non-verbal communication / body language is the actions or attributes of humans, includes all the messages deliver in other way than words that we use in communication. (Teri and Michael Gamble, 2013) In verbal communication, these messages are transfer by voice and words, but in non-verbal communications massages are deliver by appearance, use of objects, time, smell, and space. Also, it includes visual stimulations
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Ray Birdwhistell estimated that average person speaks 10-11 minutes/ day and he realized that we can make and recognized 250,000 facial expressions. Birdwhistell also found that verbal component of face to face communication is less than 35%, while non-verbal communication is higher than 65%.(Allan and Barbara Pease,2004)

The Importance of Non-verbal Communications:
1) Non-verbal communication can contradict or weaken the verbal message. In this situation what is said and what is done are different, this will represent double action. The message delivered by words says something, and non-verbal action says another.
2) Non-verbal communication can emphasize or underline a verbal message, e.g. the voice tone and speed can raise attention of the audience.
3) Non-verbal communication play important role in regulate and control conversation flow. Only with eye contact, body gesture and voice tone we can tell who will speak next.
4) Non-verbal communication can reinforce or complete the massage we delivered by words, e.g. if someone moving toward the door, moving hand waving saying " goodbye" the listener will understand that he is leaving.
5) Non-verbal behavior can take place of word, e.g. shoulder shrug give the message that "I don't
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• Inforce our neglect the word we speak.
• Reflect our emotional status, attitude and personality.
The elements of paralanguage are: pitch, volume, rate, articulation, pronunciation and salience. Each part of them plays an important role in delving the information. (Teri and Michael Gamble, 2013)
A) Sound Pitch: It is the highness or lowness of our voice. Female voices have higher pitches compered to male voices. We express low pitch voice with strangers and mature conversation, and high pitch voice while we are stressed and nervous.
It is the voice pitch that makes others determine if we are making statement or asking questions. Sound pitch can reflect our emotional status: it can deliver anger or annoyance, patience or tolerance. (Teri and Michael Gamble, 2013)
B) Sound Volume: how loud is our voice, also express the meaning of word we deliver. People who tend to speak loudly may build barrier with others: they always shows overbearing or aggressive behavior. In other hand, a person with soft spoken others may interpret his behavior as timidity. Thus the volume may cause others to turn us off in an effort to lose interest in our words simply because they cannot comfortably hear us. (Teri and Michael Gamble,

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