Nonverbal Behavior Essay

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A message is considered an action, sound, or word that is interpreted by someone else. The message can be completely verbal, nonverbal, or a combination of both. As stated by Marshall Scott Poole, David Siebold, and Robert McPhee, “Group members’ communication influences both the content of a discussion and the relationships among members.“ All communication that takes place without words is referred to as nonverbal communication. The theory holds to the premise that many messages are sent and received without the usage of spoken words. Nonverbal communication theory states that verbal communication simply complements the nonverbal messages being sent. An example of a nonverbal communication would be a head nod.

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The book describes the seating arrangements in groups and the way the furniture is arranged as group ecology. Juror #8 seems to have more space, which normally indicates a more dominant person or leader. Juror #10 begins to describe the defendant and “what he is” and how they are all liars and that they are born that way. Juror #9 stands up in disgust and disagreement and tells him that “only an ignorant man can believe that.“ They are now closer than the standard social distance of four to eight feet and the other jurors calm them down so they can proceed.
Timing is another essential element in nonverbal communication. Timing is dependent on culture. In South America, it is customary to be late, but lateness in America is inappropriate and even rude. Another example of timing is when one individual interrupts another person who is speaking. This could send the message either that the person isn't listening or that he is angry and wants to get his point across. It could also send a message of excitement and anticipation because he can't wait to get the surprise out.
Gestures vary from culture to culture. For example, the American hand sign for "OK" is perceived as a vulgar gesture in some countries. A gesture can be any bodily motion used to send a message. Blowing a kiss, clapping your hands or sticking your tongue out are gestures that come with sharp meanings.
Physical touch is a very powerful form of nonverbal communication. Touch can be

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