Nonverbal Behavior Is The Important Part Of Conversation Essay

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Nonverbal behavior is the important part in conversation. Even though our communication is based on words, but there are still many things that cannot be explained by words and need to be explained by using nonverbal behavior. So, in conversation, both verbal and nonverbal behaviors are needed to complete the conversation. Yet, if just nonverbal behavior is used in the conversation, what will happen? Can we still understand the conversation if just nonverbal behavior is used? In this paper, nonverbal behavior was analyzed through the short movie, Inseparable. The film was watched without sound and nonverbal behaviors in the film were analyzed that how they worked in this film. This paper will start with the summary of the film and follow with the analysis of physical appearance, movement and facial expressions and eye contact that were shown in the film orderly, how they worked together and will be end with the conclusion.
Inseparable is a short movie about the twins, one is a good looking and office manager-like guy and another one is a guy with dirty clothes and unemployed-look. They are so different in their styles and characteristics but their faces are totally the same. One guy has some problem with their health and cannot be with his family anymore, so he asks his twin to pretend to be him and be with his family and then they start changing themselves to be another one and they separate from each other and go on their ways. When a guy goes…

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