Nonverbal And Visual Communication: What Is Effective Communication?

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What is effective communication?

Effective communication is set into three categories, which are verbal, non-verbal and graphic communication. Each of these types of communication have the same process as it consist of two main parts which is the sender and the receiver. The process is constantly rotating between sender and the receiver as the ‘sender’ conducts a message and it is sent to the receiver, which is then understood and interpreted. Depending on the type of deliver that the sender sends, which is either verbal, non-verbal or graphic, the receiver assumes the type of emotion that is brought a long with the message, therefore can be interpreted differently than expected. According to Gamble and Gamble (2008, p. 8) “Everything a sender
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Hybels and Weaver (2001, p.8) mention that there is a “lack of structure” unlike verbal communication. Non-verbal communication relies on the type of body language that is shown from the sender. The characteristics of nonverbal communication is the uniqueness, there is conflict between verbal and non-verbal, the subconscious level and the emotion and attitudes that the senders portrays (Hybels & Weaver, 2008, p.9). Therefore, the type of body language and facial expression, depends on how the receiver interprets the message which causes the communication between the sender and the receiver to be less …show more content…
The message that was trying to be sent was filled with urgency, however during that process of sending, there were interruptions as there were constant questions from my parents at the same time of the gesturing. This created a communication breakdown as the message couldn’t properly be received as there were many interruption, therefore they interpreted the message wrong and the outcome of their feedback was incorrect. The communication channel what was used between my friend and I were non-verbal communication as I used body language and facial expression to express what I was trying to say without being

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