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Preparatory Questions: 1. Tell me about yourself.
My name is Poonan Sahoo. I have completed my B tech in electronics and communication engineering from ITER,odisha in 2012.I spent most part ie 21yrs of my life in my hometown , the city of temples ,bhubaneswar.I have been trying to get into MBA from B tech itself but I guess the clarity was not there as to how this would help me. But the two years of my professional journey with TCS was the time I ventured into a lot of constructive things that helped me relate to why I was interested in MBA and how there are a lot of things that need to be heeded upon apart from just academics as I always focused on ie to excel in academics which would take me forward but I think I was missing a bit .
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The most exciting part of work would be the aspect which gives you a reason to venture into new areas and learn new things everyday. 4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
I find my concentration levels to be pretty high which is one of my biggest plus points ie l don’t get distracted easily. I like being pushed back and being pitted against my own flaws cause that is when I am at my best and perform , may not be spontaneous but I realize Iwill hit back hard. I have always been a good speaker , my confidence has held me upright against any stage fright. L also feel proud of the fact that I have improved by leaps and bounds on the grounds of proactiveness in the last two years which is why l have been able to convert a weakness to a strength. Another addition to this would be a funny one that l give motivational speeches to peers under stress and surprisingly it works.l know how to talk people into doing something . Moving forward to the weaknesses l just feel l am not as sociable as I should be which would be help me gain more experience about many more things. 5. What failures have you experienced? What have you learned from your mistakes?
I would like to point out few significant ones that I faced one being at the time of counseling where because of personal reasons I was not able to get into

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