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Course | 500/9148/7 – BTEC Level 3 Certificate in IT500/9147/5 – BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in IT600/3887/1 – BTEC Level 3 90-Credit Diploma in IT500/9150/5 – BTEC Diploma in IT |

Unit | 31 – Computer Animation | Assignment | 3 – The Complete Package |

Assessor | | Start Date | | Feedback Date | | Final Date | |

Mark Criteria P6 | Design computer animations using different animation techniques (Task 1) | P7 | Implement animations using different animation techniques (Task 2) | D2 | Evaluate the tools and techniques used to create animations (Task 3) |

Learning Outcomes
Be able to design and implement digital animations

There are some urgent jobs that have come
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Part 1
You need to write an introduction. In this introduction you need to describe the animation needed, the purpose of the animation, the format required, target file size, the name of the file, storage location and sources of images.

Part 2
You now need to create the animations. Make sure you make regular screenshots and annotate them to show the tools and techniques that you are using. If you have any problems as you are making the animations, make sure you screenshot them and annotate how you solved them and save ready for Task 3.

Part 3
You need to test that the animation works. Produce a test plan that has numbered tests with expected and actual results. Produce screenshots to show the tests being carried out and cross reference them to the test plan. Also provide evidence of any debugging that you have done as well as any problems that you encountered in Part 2.

Part 4
Write a review at the end of the documentation. In this review, you need to compare the created animations with the original designs. You also need to suggest improvements.

This provides evidence for P7.

Task 3
You now need to write a review of the tools and techniques that you have used to create the animations. Make sure you cover: * Ease of use * Technical aspects of the animations created * Limitations of the package * Appearance of animations produced * Good points of the tools and techniques * Less

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