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Reflection Paper
Content Analysis Evaluation Form

This instrument is designed to assess learning progress and behavioral change through analysis of written statements in reflection papers. The open-ended nature of the writing is intended to encourage self-directed reflection and expression of both feelings and thoughts. The categories represent major objectives of the Pathways to Leadership: Emerging and New Administrator Workshop* classified according to the Awareness—Acceptance—Action (AAA) paradigm of behavioral change as described by Mitstifer (1976).

Awareness: Statements imply that persons have made attempts to discover who they are and what they wish to become. This is usually expressed in second or third person only.
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|Alliances and Political Realities—Statements indicate the ability|_____awareness—By understanding more about the values and |
|to examine alliances and identify how political realities are |interests of the college, perhaps more points of agreement can be|
|affecting the success of an organization. Persons need skills in |identified. |
|using power and influence to enhance or protect interests. |_____acceptance—I want to work on building trust in our college. |
|Elements of a Promising Future—Statements indicate an |_____awareness—It is clear that an organization needs a clear |
|understanding of vision and direction. Short-term goals are |sense of direction—a vision. |
|geared toward the larger picture. A long-term proactive stance |_____acceptance—I realize we have been operating from a reactive |
|flows from a shared vision. |stance, and I need help in leading my organization in choosing |
| |its future. |
|Readings—Statements identify concepts in prescribed readings and |_____awareness—By having a leadership development model, we have |
|generalize to the

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