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Philosophy of Nursing
Sonceria Roper
Prairie View
Nursing Science and Complex Systems
NURS 7013
Vivian Dawkins, PhD, RN, NEA-BC
February 11, 2015

Philosophy of Nursing

Nursing philosophy is an examination of personal truths as they relate to clinical practice. They encompass values, principles, and assumptions held by an individual. Personal nursing philosophies are shaped by the nurse’s education, clinical experiences, cultural, and even spiritual beliefs. My personal nursing philosophy centers on patient empowerment. It is the belief that patients should be in control of their own care and that can only be achieved when patients internalize their need for self-change (McCarley, 2009). I belief in helping the patient be an
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There are several assumptions that create the foundation of my nursing philosophy. One of the main assumptions that I have, is that patients want to be empowered. My belief is that sound minded individuals embody the capabilities necessary to manage their health. I also assume that patients value their independence and want to remain autonomous. For instance, I once had an 82 year old female that was two weeks post-op a right total hip replacement. She had fallen at home while gardening outside. I encountered her in a short term rehabilitation facility for therapy. Prior to her fall, the patient lived independently at home alone. It was my assumption that the patient would want to participate in physical therapy in order to be discharged from the facility as soon as possible. However, this patient refused to go to therapy and would not even perform activities of daily living. She stated that she was in pain and only wanted to lay in bed. After her pain issues were addressed, the patient still refused therapy. This behavior baffled me. Why wouldn’t this patient want help so that she could regain her independence? Sometimes, we can give patients all the support that they need but it’s still not enough for them to do it on their own.
Another assumption that I have is that all individuals desire health. The World Health Organization’s (2003) defines health as a person’s welfare in the social, mental, and physical aspects. I believe that patients want the

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