Non Renewable Resources Essay

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What will happen to Earth when we run out of non-renewable resources such as; peat, coal, oil, natural gas, tar sands, oil shale, and uranium? How will greenhouse gases made by non-renewable resources effect Earth? What kind of world will our children and grandchildren live in? Do you want generations to come to live in a world where they have to wear masks over their mouth and nose because of excessive amounts of smog, a world that is barren and unclean, or a world where people fight for the last non-renewable resources because without them, they won’t survive? At the rate our generation is going, scientists have estimated that we will have consumed all of the non-renewable resources on Earth in a mere two hundred years. Imagine your great-grandchildren trying to survive in a world where there will be no non-renewable resources, it won’t be an easy world to live in. Imagine a desolate, toxic world, with very little vegetation and clean water, how will the generations to come survive? The main reason that we need to care about the amount of non-renewable resources we use is because the Earth can replenish its supply of these resources only so fast. Non-renewable resources are called non-renewable because it takes billions of years for Earth to replenish them, …show more content…
Society believes that there is either an unlimited supply on non-renewable resources or that we aren’t using them up at the rate that we are. Others believe that we can find new forms of energy sources to use instead of non-renewable resources. They think that we can invent different energy sources after we run out of non-renewable resources. The idea of having another more efficient energy resource can be, if attained in the right way, an excellent idea. Not only will it ease up on the use of non-renewable resources, but it may improve the environment as well. But will society make the change in

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