Non Profit Organization Under The Internal Revenue Code Essay

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College Park Baptist Church is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization under the Internal Revenue Code. Our priority is the benefit of the community. Although the neighborhood that surround the church is a low income neighborhood, it needs programs such as: First time home buyers, mentoring , housing, computer, seniors, youth summer feeding, financial consulting, legal assistance (minor), young adult awareness. These programs will enlighten and educate the community and all ages will be able to participate. Even though CPBC have dedicated members who have committed to volunteer their services to serve our community. There are also members of the community who have volunteered their services as well. Our purpose is to help our community be productive and prosperous in all areas of life. College Park Baptist Church has just completed construction on a building that will not only house these programs but will also bring a spiritual light to the neighborhood as well as a place of worship. We have not yet obtained a certificate of occupancy for the building because we do not have the money to complete the parking lot. We have a bid on the parking lot for $52,000 and we have only raised $20,000.
Will you please partner with us and help complete the parking lot so we may continue the process of building up the families and community as well.
Plan of the work
 Summer youth feeding program certified by the State of Texas. o A Lunch and a snack will be served and appropriate…

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