Non Professional Collaboration And Effective Communication Essay

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With the continuation of change in Australian health care context, it has been more vivid that registered nurses have emerged at the frontline in taking responsibility for the maintenance of inter professional collaboration and effective communication. In today’s health care context, inter professional teamwork and communication skill is considered the valuable asset, an extremely essential element of a healthy workplace and a basic requirement for the patient.
There are myriads of reasons for a registered nurse in Australian health care context to demonstrate effective communication skills and interprofessional team work.The most crucial one is that the correct communication between the health care professionals helps to provide the quality care to the patient which he/she needs.For instance,the measurement of blood glucose level by a nurse and its proper transmission to the consultant doctor can result in the proper treatment of the patient and in rare cases can be life saving measure.
It has been concluded by few studies that inter professional teamwork contributes to reduction in patient complaints, increase in patient satisfaction and reduces stress and burnout among professions (Wofford et al 2004). Inter professional teamwork is considered to be an useful ingredient for reducing the duplication of effort, improving coordination, enhancing safety and therefore delivering high quality comprehensive care to individuals and families (Gregson et al,1991)
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