Non Medical Problem Of Katy Adams Essay examples

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Non-medical problem of Katy Adams & how it affects health outcomes The non- medical problem of Katy Adams: The availability of child cares in the United States for those who needs it leaves room for improvement. According to (Christ, 2015), suggest that when low-income families receive child care, mothers are more likely to keep doctor’s appointments and decrease their stress level. The cost of child care is having a huge impact on the careers of working parents and people with disabilities (Christ, 2015). The case study of Katy Adams is one that conveys the message of different facets of stress such as financial, emotional, and psychological and, how it impacts a person’s health and well-being. According to the American Psychotically Association (2016), stress plays a vital role in a person’s overall health and can contribute to various diseases such as cancer by changing the cellular structure.

One of the non-medical problems of Katy’s Adams case study is related to the psychological stress of denial of child care services because she was hospitalized and was unable to continue her employment. The refusal of child care services had contributed to Katy Adams health outcomes and prevented her from paying attention to her body such as when she was experiencing the odd spells of dizziness which she dismissed. Also, she was experiencing a strange taste in her mouth which she did not pay any attention and refused to believe. Katy was experiencing day to…

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