Essay on Non Binary And Transgender People

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Non-Binary and Transgender People
When a child is born the first thing their parents hear is, “Congratulations it’s a girl,” or “Congratulations it’s a boy”. Already trying to enforce the idea that there are only two genders the moment they take their first breath. JAC Stringer of the Heartland Trans* Wellness Group defined, gender binary as the cultural belief of only two genders existing and they have to correspond to the appropriate sex. This social construct is iterated on a daily basis whether it is through medical institutions, language or applications. As a result of its dominance in society, the gender binary system is highly exclusive towards non-binary and transgender people. Today, I will discuss why gender non-conforming and transgender people face discrimination, then, I’ll talk about some of the inequalities they encounter and finally, I’ll discuss some solutions. For years the gender binary system has been emphasized through medical establishments. For instance according to Erin D. Thorn in 2014, when a child is born with a variation of male and female genitalia some doctors suggest surgery, “to identify the child as either male or female,”. This implies that they must be “fixed” or that something is wrong with them because their sexual organs defy the binary system. They are also being denied the right to choose if they want the surgery or not by doing it when they are infants. However, according to Anne Fausto-Sterling’s article published in the year 2000,…

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