Non Academic Activity During Your High School Essay

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Penn State: Pre-Medic al/Medical Program Application Questions
Describe one non-academic activity during your high school years that has been most meaningful to you. Since I was seven, every Saturday my family would go to the tennis courts together and hit around. It became our way of bonding and spending time with each other. During my younger years my dad, who played tennis when he was younger, coached me and taught me how to hit my basic ground strokes such as backhands and forehands. As I entered high school, I went out for the tennis team and made the junior varsity team. It was during my first year on the team that I learned about how much fun it was to be on a sports team. What I loved the most was that even as a freshman, I was able to make friends older than me who served as my mentors for both school and my tennis game. Even though the seasons lasted for four months with a practice or a game five days a week, the seasons felt as if they went by quickly. As a dedicated and motivated member of the team, during the off-season, I started to take tennis lessons to improve my tennis game. It was when I returned to the tennis team, during the season of my sophomore year, that I become the coach’s pick for most improved player. With this improvement, I was appointed the position of junior varsity captain, which I held from my sophomore year to now. As captain, even though I was responsible for team orders and setting up fundraisers, I was specifically responsible for…

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