Nokia 's Organizational Culture And Values Essay

1089 Words Apr 23rd, 2016 null Page
Becoming the globes prevalent mobile handset producer has been no simple task. Having a command center located in Espoo Finland seamlessly controlling the operations in over one hundred countries; with over one hundred thousand employees is remarkable. Their meager beginnings of the 1800’s expanded to the billion-dollar annual revenue intake in 2007. Moreover, as of 2008, they held forty percent of the world’s marketplace of their main production line. Surprisingly, this 1800’s paper mill developed into an engineering giant that produced portable telecommunication devices that made almost immediate impact. They were leadership and innovative technology. With their paltry launch from Europe, they went global to reach the United States, India, and China; this brought about gigantic competition (Willigan, 2009). Two large competitors gave brief chase in 2000, but, soon fell behind the leader of pioneering technology. Nokia was the leader of handset technology; continually out performing their competitors. Nokia’s leadership acknowledged organizational values and culture were an important aspect of their success. Nokia recognized their organizational culture and values had been largely unchanged since inception. Perceiving internal uncertainty, an assessment of organizational values discovered an organizational misconnection with the culture of Nokia’s everyday interactions. These interactions were directly related to the organizational communications. To combat…

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