Noki A Successful Successor Of The Second Generation Moto X Essay

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Motorola is a well-known brand that in the recent years has brought several smartphones with innovative technology in the market. After the company was acquired by the Chinese electronics major Lenovo, it has transformed itself. Now Motorola has been re-branded as a smartphone maker that provides smartphones with top-end features and at reasonable prices. The third generation Motorola Moto X is the successful successor of the second generation Moto X, released earlier. The new Moto X smartphone has built upon the positives of the earlier generation of Moto G and added several new features so that, it can take care of the intense competition of the smartphone market more effectively. Moto X is the flagship brand of Motorola and the company has launched a mid range phone called Moto X style that has the configuration of a flagship device, but does not cost the earth. The price of Motorola Moto X play is; 16GB for Rs. 34,048 and 32GB variant for Rs. 37,563.
Moto X is the flagship device of the company so the company has used, premium materials to build it. The Moto X style uses high quality machined frames to give this cell phone a solid and premium look. The edges and rear panel of this handset are curved and there is a very slim bezel around the display to give it a more sophisticated look. The front has of this smartphone is sleek and does not have any physical buttons on its big chin. The company has provided three capacitive touch buttons on the display itself to…

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