Essay about Nogo Railroad Case Study

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Executive Summary A team of college students were contracted to develop an organizational development plan for NoGo Railroad. The firm was experiencing low performance and low morale, along with a new Communication Manager who was unsure how to address the issues. The new Communication Manager paid for the student's services and expressed apprehension around having leadership "buy-in", which the students recommended as the first obstacle to address. The firm has traditionally recruited family members, rewarded for hours worked, and has archaic policies and an unbalanced union contract that cannot be renegotiated for two years. The team of local college students identified several systems that were adversely affected by the …show more content…
Inputs are affected negatively from a human resource perspective. For example, employees are reticent to change and are not ready to take on additional responsibilities. There are significant problems with morale due to favoritism and low reward for performance, combined with legitimate fear of workforce reduction, which has led to featherbedding. Processes can be thought of as technical constraints which directly impact the production environment. In this case, processes are being affected by the fact that female employees are not being sent more than 30 miles from their residence for assignments, which has led to a large number of clerks on staff, but not enough work for them to do. Meanwhile, the removal of the nonessential fireman position may lead to organized rebuttal. In spite of the challenges, changes in these areas will certainly result in a higher level of process efficiency. With no significant competitors in the external environment, NoGo Railroad's outputs are being affected primarily from a cost perspective. Dave can address this issue by reducing employee expenses and maximizing the performance of existing staff, which will, in turn, reduce the overall cost of the NoGo Railroad's outputs.
Dave and NoGo Railroad need to address the culture issue first and

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