No Words For This Essay: My Favorite Super Hero

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No Words for This Essay In elementary school, feeling like the odd kid out because I read so slowly, I tried try to hurry and end up stuttering along the way. I didn’t mind reading these short timed stories, it was the fact that I was being timed to how long it takes me to read. It was aggravating; I absolutely hated it. I would try to hurry and beat the time that I had before. For me, this assignment is extremely difficult because reading and writing has not always been thrilling subjects for me. At the age of ten, I used to read a bucket-load. I loved reading books. That’s all I would do before I had a phone in my hand. Not to mention that, I now read my iMessage, Facebook, and Snapchat to a great extent.
Writing is hard for me. I
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I felt so lost on having to write a paper about who is your favorite super hero. In class, we would spend most of that day writing, editing, and reviewing the essay that seemed to be taking over my 5th grade year. I told my teacher Mrs. Slack that I could not do this, and asked if I could write about something else, but instead she reassured me that I can do this and that it is not hard at all. She sat next me and said think of who you love so much and who inspires you every day, or maybe someone who is your favorite movie star or singer; in that moment I remember my best friend had leaned over and said “Why don’t you write your trampoline that you just got? I’m writing about my puppy.” I looked at her and said “Aeriyunna, who wants to write a trampoline? That can’t even be a superhero.” She said “Me.” I said “No, that would be so boring anyway.” Then, Mrs. Slack laughed and stated that we should stay on task and know that a trampoline is not a super hero. I sat there so disappointed, picking up the pencil and then erasing and laying it back down. I kept asking myself who is my superhero? Finally, my best friend in the whole entire world since the day I was born came to mind. It was my mother. I picked up that pencil and just started writing and writing how she encourages me every day. How she stays on top of my grades, to make sure I’m doing well and not falling below a C. To how she hollers and tells

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