Essay No We Can Not Be Silent

1052 Words Feb 17th, 2016 null Page
“No we cannot do this again,” I cried into the phone. “I am tired of all of this stress that won’t go away. We try so hard but nothing seems to work.”
“How can you say that,” the voice of my boyfriend spoke on the other end. “You are hurting me you know?”
At this point I know I can’t say anything else without hurting him anymore than I already have. I can’t just be silent either because I know that will hurt him too, but there is nothing else I can say that won’t hurt him, so I will keep quiet in hope that he will calm down for a second. We were silent for a few moments but I can’t help but to propel the words out of my usual hurtful mouth. So I did. “I am so sorry. I don’t mean to hurt you. I am just not used to being around such sensitive people.” And there again I knew I said something else I shouldn’t have. Instead I should have just said “I’m sorry” but as usual those extra words slipped out without me wanting them to. Wiggling uneasily on the edge of my bed, I knew what was about to come and I hated it. Even before I heard his voice, I knew there was a change in his tone and with a sniffled and tearful voice he finally spoke.
“I am sorry I am so sensitive, I can’t help it if God made me this way. I didn’t ask my parents to make me or bring me into this world and to what, to be sensitive? Ugh, I am such a disgrace!” Each sniffle I heard sent hurtful pings into my heart letting me know just how powerful and spiteful my tongue can be and I know I should be feeling…

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