No Way Out : Child Poverty Essay

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No Way Out
Child poverty in America is at its highest point in 20 years, putting millions of children at increased risk of injuries, infant mortality, and premature death, according to a policy analysis. Nowadays you cannot be successful without a good education and a good job or career. Both of those things take money to do. Many Americans everyday suffer because they do not have the opportunities or resources to eventually live a decent life causing obstacles later on in their life starting from an early age. Poverty is general scarcity or deficiency, or the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money. In his book, We the Animals, Justin Torres maintains that, the narrator and his family are ultimately living the struggle of life. A poor mixed race family living in a poor neighborhood in Brooklyn living in a state of dysfunction because of needs that cannot be met. The narrator’s authoritarian father, like an alpha wolf, checks their rambunctiousness by disciplining them physically. Here even their parents ' fighting takes on the appearance of a game, is a challenge to their daily chore. Poverty can effect and have consequences on people. How can you thrive and grow when you don’t have a fair chance?
According to Torres, “She worked graveyard shifts at the brewery up the hill from our house, and sometimes she got confused” (5). In other words, Torres believes the narrator and his brothers understood that their mother was worn out from being…

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