Essay about No Throwaway Boy By Abdul Lloyd Bey

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In No Throwaway Boy by Abdul Lloyd-Bey, the author writes a story about his life and what he’d been through. Abdul Lloyd-Bey came from Bushwick, Brooklyn, living in a small apartment with his parents and siblings. Growing up in the neighborhood of Bushwick, Abdul was surrounded by lots of gang and gun violence, drugs, and poverty. Living in a neighborhood that dealt with violence, drugs, and poverty, Abdul had became accustomed to that environment. At a young age he was being involved in gang activities, carrying weapons, and stealing. He was known and respected by many people in the neighborhood. Everyone who knew Abdul and his family was respected by and known not to mess with. Even his older brother Kaheem was involved in crime. So from a young age Abdul learned how to deal with the life of crime being influenced by his environment, friends and family. After some years Abdul and his family moved to a house in Rockaway, Queens that his dad bought. Abdul then formed new relationships with the people on the block and shortly became known and respected in his new neighborhood. His brother Keheem then got arrested and sent to a juvenile correctional facility. Abdul writes, “He didn’t need to run with the crew… Still many people gravitated towards him; people liked strength...” (xviii). Abdul speaks about his brother and the type of person he is. When Abdul speaks about his older brother it shows that he looks up to his brother as a role model. He explains to the readers…

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