Essay on No Special Installation Nor Is Not Very Complex

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Also, the product is not very complex, requires no special installation nor does it have any complex ways in which to be used. When it comes to selling the product, the only special training needed is that the seller should be very knowledgeable about the product and able to tell consumers everything about the product as well as answer any questions. Entering a new market where many do not know the specifics regarding the product, it is very important that the sales people selling the jacket are able to provide customers with the knowledge they need, including any specs, technology, or ensuring consumers are aware of the guaranteed lifetime warranty. The lifetime warranty protects your jacket from any malfunctions with the zipper, buttons etc. Since the jackets are made from real goose down, it is also vital for consumers know that the jackets must be handled delicately are strictly dry clean only to prevent any of the material from being damaged. This means that with the purchase of a Hybridge Lite jacket, services such as dry cleaning will be necessary.

Entering the new Chinese market will involve ensuring that labels are in the appropriate language, in this case simplified Chinese. It will be important to write all labels and product tags in simplified Chinese so that consumers are able to read product descriptions and information.

For inventory, we are currently planning to expand into 5 different Parkson stores in 5 of China’s most populated cities as well as…

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