No Smartphones, Lte And Wi Fi Essays

709 Words Dec 9th, 2015 3 Pages
Can you imagine the world that has no smartphones, LTE and Wi-Fi? These days, people are too much attached to the Cell Phone. On campus, it would not be difficult to find the number of students holding their smartphones in their hands even though they are not using the phone. Most people put their phone in a pocket or just hold it instead of keeping it in their bag or backpack because they will use the phone again in a second. This phenomenon became a serious issue among the modern society. Although it is now called ‘smart’ phone, it makes modern people become fools. People should use cell phones less and be less dependent on their smartphones because overusing the phone brings about mental issue, potential accidents, and loss of basic manners. Since people are overly attached to their phones, they suffered from mental related problems, such as anxieties and stresses. People may have experiences the feeling of vibration when the phone was not vibrating. According to an article, “Amazing Facts About Phone Addiction” by Jessica Jayden in 2015, this phenomenon is called phantom vibration syndrome. A phantom vibration is one of withdrawal symptoms that people, who are addicted in smartphones, practice while they are not using smartphones. The brain gives people an illusion of receiving notification from their phones. Separation from smartphones also can cause tremendous stress to smartphone users. In 2015, The University of Missouri measured heart rate and blood pressure of…

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