No Site On The Internet Essay

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There is no site on the internet that is more so a paradox than that of 4chan. It is a site of dueling ideologies, behind its simplistic façade the many voices of humanity battle for superiority that form a disgusting yet uniquely human viewpoint of reality. Forming a harsh yet accepting community and influencing for better or for worse all aspects of everyday life that exist outside the points of the simple image posting website. In many aspects 4chan is the alpha and the omega the beginning and the end, it provokes the spread of new and radically ideas as easily as it destroys everything that it touches. 4chan does not attempt to make it understandable. it does not feel the need to do so. But rather it does the complete opposite, forming unique rituals and methods of communication. Often times these methods escape the bounds of image posting site and become part of popular culture like many of the meme and social trends it created. It is a reflection of humanity that tries to escape the shackles of the hive mentality and therefore it sees no need to use the language of the oppressors and therefore it makes sense to no longer uses the language of the oppressor and therefore 4chan creates their own sense of direction and worldview that is fundamentally different that it is worth investigation. This is not a paper of who these people are but rather a description of what it means to be a 4chan user. The chaos that is 4chan began in October 2003. Founded by…

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