Essay No Sex Based Myths By Gloria Steinem

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I read the source All our Problems Stem from the Same Sex Based Myths by Gloria Steinem an author and editor. This source is from Gloria Steinem’s testimony at the 1970 senate hearing where she argued that reasoning for opposition against the Equal rights amendment was due to societal myths about gender that promoted male superiority, and ignored the evidence that women were being treated unfairly. The first hearing for the Equal rights amendment was in 1923 which was meant to make discrimination based on gender illegal. However, it wasn’t until 1972 that the amendment for Equal rights was passed. Soon after the amendment was passed, it expired and women were forced to continuing fighting for equal treatment.
Gloria Steinem begins her testimony by pointing out that she is one of the lowest paid workers in California and in New York. She explains some of her experiences in which she was discriminated against based on her gender: refused service in restaurants, kicked out of public gatherings, exclusion from discounts on airlines, and exclusion from writing on subjects like politics. Steinem reflects on the fact that she is luckier than most other women, because she is not in a working profession such as an office where males dominate and has not had to go on welfare. Next she explains that all of society’s problems come from myths based on gender differences. The first myth is that women are biologically inferior to men. The point is made that women can stay calmer in times…

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