No Resolution, No College And No Marriage Essay

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No resolution, no college, no marriage, no support system, and little to no hope clouded my mother’s mind. On June 25th ,1998 in New Haven Connecticut on agreement my name was to be Briana, but instead, I was named Jazmyn. My name meaning strong-willed flower replaced my mother’s negativity with aspiration. I was the outcome of my mother Regina and father Wayne’s temporary love. Second oldest on my mom’s side with a younger brother Brian and older sister Briona and the oldest on my father’s side with my sister Isis and brother Xzavier.

Though my parent’s relationship didn’t last, the love they had for me allowed them to overcome and look past their differences for my sake. I remember my mother holding me crying because we had no place to live. Living on the side of the road in her 1991 silver Jeep Cherokee in Ansonia, Connecticut was not something my mother ever envisioned. My grandmother was of a strict background and her daughter getting pregnant at nineteen and skipping out on a full ride to college was nothing she could be supportive of, so there we stayed. Switching back and forth from one parent to the other for a place to stay was difficult at first but became a routine I grew fond of. My father was a barber working on East Main street while my mother worked in a retirement home on prospect avenue.

At the age of six, I got enrolled at Prendergast School for the beginning of my school years. Learning became an escape for me, so I excelled to keep my parents…

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