No Regulation On Patent Trolls Essay

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NO regulation on Patent Trolls
A patent troll is a person or a company which uses its patent to sue other people or companies for money. Normally, the patent trolls which also known as NPEs (non-practicing entities) or PAEs (patent assertion entities) do not produce offer products or services with their patents. They just retain their patents. Recently, Hyundai, which is the South Korea’s vehicle company, has been struggled with a Paice, which is the U.S.’s company. The Paice is a notorious NPE which has hybrid car patents and accuses other global car companies. Toyota got an order to pay loyalty to the Paice after the 6 years’ lawsuit; moreover, Hyundai is still doing their lawsuit. Like this example, the patent trolls use their powers which come from their patents in a bad way and get a lot of money from the suing other people or companies.
That is why Patent trolls should be regulated by law. Nowadays, a patent is getting more important as a property. With that trigger, people’s knowledge about the patent has been changed. In the past days, people did not care about protecting their knowledge or invention. However, now people want to protect their right via a patent law. People can reinforce their rights by registering as a patent which can compensate people’s effort and contribute the societies’ developing. On the other hand, some companies or people use this phenomenon for their profits in global markets. These kind of companies are called as a patent troll. These…

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