Essay on No Prison Time Won 't Cut Violent Crime

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The second solution I will be writing is about the people who are opposed to toughening the three strikes law in New Mexico City. However, the democrats have a strong antagonism for the three strikes law, mainly the senates, where there will be able to have a majority to say no on expanding the three strikes law. Nevertheless, there were many opponents who disagreed with Mayor Richard Berry that his solution will decrease the violent crime. According to the article, “More prison time won’t cut violent crime” by Matt Coyte, President of the New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association states that “The community’s knee jerk reaction demanding the incarceration of more people for longer periods of time is a path we have been down before and it hasn’t worked” (Coyte). People in New Mexico are insisting that they have been the head of violent crimes for many years and they have try to get out of that problem for long time, but they have failed every time. New Mexico president is saying “we must stop pandering to the tough on crime narrative and face the real issues head on. We need to start directing resources at preventing crime and providing positive intervention when people first enter the criminal justice system” (Coyte). Coyte mentions that lengthier penitentiaries do not do anything to address these failures instead they make it more worse, once a child or adult enter a criminal justice system they happened lead to more tragic situations where they end up creating more…

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