Essay No Place Like Home : Using Date For Promote Family Unity

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No Place Like Home: Using Date to Promote Family Unity
Homelessness has particularly detrimental effects on the development of adolescents and leads to increased stressors in families. In the United States, the number of children and young people that are homeless on any given night has been estimated at around 1.3 million (National Runaway Switchboard, 2009). The state of Minnesota made an effort to tackle youth homelessness by adopting the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act in 2016, which is explicit family policy because its objectives are deliberately structured to affect minors and their families. According to the Minnesota Department of Human Services (2015), this bill requires the commissioner of human services to report on any homeless youth or runaways, as well as any youth at risk of being homeless. A biennial report is also prepared by the commissioner, which summarizes the following: areas in the state with the greatest need for services and housing, as well as the level and nature of needs; details about grants made and how funds were distributed throughout the state; follow up information on the status of homeless youth and whether they have stable housing two years after they accessed services; and other outcomes for populations served to determine the effectiveness of programs and use of funding (Minnesota Department of Human Services, 2015). Therefore, the reporting of homeless teens to government officials is the first step to provide communities with the…

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