No People Are At Risk Of Becoming Sleep Deprived Essay

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It is important to understand that more people are at risk of becoming sleep deprived. Specifically, individuals who have limited time for sleep, such as students, people who work and study and people who work double shift. Also, those who have schedules that conflict with circadian rhythms such as; shift workers, nurses and individuals who travel long distance for work can also be at risk of suffering from sleep deprivation. Other people that could be included are those whose life style do not allow them to receive adequate amounts of sleep such as; people who take medication to stay awake, those who abuse alcohol and or drugs.( Who Is At Risk Of Sleep Deprivation and Deficiency, 2014)
Lack of sleep can alter your mood significantly. It causes irritability and anger and may lessen your ability to cope with stress. According to the National Sleep foundation, the “walking tired” are more likely to sit and see the in traffic jams and quarrel with other people. Sleep-deprived people polled by the National Sleep Foundation were less likely to exercise, eat healthfully, have sex, and engage in leisure activities because of sleepiness. Through time, impaired memory, mood, and other functions become a chronic way of life,which in the longer run can affect your job or relationships. Chronic sleepiness puts you at greater risk for depression. They are so closely linked that sleep specialists aren’t always sure which came first in their patients. “Sleep and mood affect each other,”…

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