Essay on No One 's A Stranger With Procrastination

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No one’s a stranger to procrastination. It sneaks into lives slowly, careful to destroy anything good a person’s got going for them. As a student in my final year of high school, I have seen my fair share of procrastination. There are endless reasons a person might procrastinate and each person’s situation in which they do is unique. However, don’t be mistaken, for procrastination is a serious issue in many high school and college student’s lives’ and has serious consequences. Procrastination results in poor grades, low self-esteem, and loss of opportunities.
Students try to avoid a lot of things in high school and one of the biggest hurdles they must learn to jump is the one built upon their grades. The pressure to do well in school, brought on by parents, teachers, and personal pressure, can build up and result in stress. This stress then builds up and can cause a student to crash. A student who has crashed is one who doesn’t care about a lot of things anymore, because they tried so hard for so long and they didn’t think it paid off. So now the students who have crashed have begun to procrastinate on their assignments endlessly and religiously. It begins a habit that is so severely engrained into their lifestyle that they can’t shake it. The problem with procrastination is that it doesn’t get along with grades. The battle between good grades and procrastination is one that has been ongoing for centuries and it looks to have no end. A student’s grades will slip the more…

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