No One Likes For Throw Away Money Essay

822 Words Dec 11th, 2014 4 Pages
No one likes to throw away money. But that is exactly what you do when you live in a rented apartment. You pay a monthly rent and you never see that money again. Yes, you do get a roof over your head, and hopefully all the utilities you need, such as electricity, heat, and water, but still, you are paying for things you will never own. Instead that money is going into someone else’s pocket. In other words, you are throwing away money. It is disappearing out of sight and you have nothing to prove that it was ever used. If you lived in an apartment for two years, and let’s say the rent amounted to about $700, including monthly utility costs, how much money would you spend in total? Well just baseline it would be $700 multiplied by the twenty four months you lived there. Doing the math, that is a $16,800 total. This does not consider unexpected expenses such as a broken window caused by your rowdy boys playing ball in the house despite your request for them to play outside. Or maybe you have a toddler who thought it would be a good idea to send all their naughty toys into the toilet of doom where they will in turn get eaten by sewer gators. However, your toddler doesn’t know that when water comes spewing out of the toilet and onto the bathroom floor it costs mommy and daddy a lot of money in water damage. The toddler also doesn’t know that the land lord will not, under any circumstances, pay for the plumbing services required to save these poor criminal toys.…

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