Essay on No Name Woman By Maxine Kingston

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Around the globe, social expectations towards gender are seen everywhere; magazines, television shows, advertisements, movies, and in many other different places. Societal expectations in terms of gender can be defined as the general standards that male or female individuals within a society are expected to uphold by demonstrating such ideals through their behavior, attire, manners, lifestyle, and attitudes. No Name Woman by Maxine Kingston describes the story of a woman who was forced into silence and shaming because of her pregnancy caused by rape while her husband had been gone for years. Such situation did not please the rest of her family and community, leading the woman towards silence and death as a cause of not fulfilling the society’s expectations towards the female gender. Burl’s by Bernard Cooper tells the story of a boy confused with his sexuality; accordingly feeling shamed by not fulfilling the expectations a masculine figure by not being able to act and dress as a “man”. Both authors of the stories help readers understand the struggle an individual may encounter when being unable to satisfy the different expectations a male or female is expected to follow in terms of behavior, dress, attitude, and personality; causing the individual’s shame leading to oppression and silence.
Throughout the years, male and female genders have been victims of the various social expectations related to their gender, causing shaming and silencing when an individual does other…

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