No More Fast Food Essay

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No More Fast Food
Fast food is very popular around the world. The reason why the fast food industry is so popular is because of several factors that contributes to its popularity; its inexpensive, its fast past and its delicious. Now days people are always rushing and trying to make money, sitting down and have a decent, heathy meal seems to be very hard, which makes fast food suitable for modern life. Although fast food have all those factors that are suitable for fast past of life, but people should still say no to fast food. Fast food are one of those worst inventions in human history because, it’s dangerous to human body, it affects people emotionally and it has no nutritional value, therefore people should say no to junk food. Fast
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Fast foods are high in calories, and contains high amount of fat, salt, sugar and weird ingredients, which is bad for the human health. For example, fries are really salty but tasty, and people might even prefer fries with ketchup, but people never really think about the amount of calories, salt and sugar that they are consuming is over the amount that the body needs. Consuming too much of something adds pressure to the human health. Also, the food that is served can be unsafe and unsanitary; the food might contain weird chemicals, scrapes that should go to the waste and poor food preparation which can lead the final product inedible, but still served to the customer like nothing had happened. The reason why fast foods are called junk food is because eating fast food long term can cause cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity and many other health problems. All the problems that junk food cause are deadly; for example it could cause heart failure, and almost all of fast foods contain a chemical element call Acrylamide which will cause people to have cancer. Eating junk food is money saving, but all the money that one saves up by eating junk food can be all given to the doctor at the end. Although most of people understand that fast food is unhealthy but they still be glad to purchase it, but it is not worth it to risk our life on something that we know it’s not …show more content…
Junk food may be cheap, time saving, and delicious, but it harms the human body in many ways. Fast food harms the heath of peoples body, it harms people mentally, and there are no nutritional value. People should stop and think, why eat something that is similar as a drug that kills the human body slowly when there are better choices that can be made. Considering Customer health are not Fast food companies top priority, but money is, therefore it’s up to consumers to think for themselves and say no to fast food. Fast food are junk food ; is it really worth to consume something that could bring happiest for one minutes, but harms the body for long

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