No More Columbus Day By Christopher Columbus Essay

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No More Columbus Day

Christopher Columbus has been viewed as a hero for several centuries. Children in elementary schools all over the nation are taught that he discovered America. However, there were many other people who were indigenous to the land that is now called America, not to mention the Vikings who arrived almost 500 years before Columbus. Christopher Columbus, as it turned out, was responsible for widespread genocide; he permitted his men to rape, murder, mutilate and enslave indigenous people. The evil deeds of Columbus far outweigh the few accomplishments he achieved. It doesn’t make sense for the United States to recognize this supposed Christian with a national holiday, and so America should stop celebrating Columbus Day ( Bergreen 1).
Columbus Day as we know in America, it was invented by the Knights of Columbus a Catholic fraternal service organization. In the 1930s they was looking for a Catholic hero for the kids too look up to. Four years later, because of the Knights of Columbus, President Franklin Roosevelt and Congress validated Columbus Day into a federal holiday to glorify this brave adventurer or so we thought. But Columbus day didn 't get celebrate in America until 1906 in Colorado and became a federal holiday in 1937, even in 1792 New York City and some other American cities celebrated the 300th anniversary of his finding of the new world. President Harrison asked the American people to celebrate the 400th anniversary the great affair…

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