No Means No ! Essay

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No Means No! The one thing that we never want to think about is someone getting raped, or worrying about a relative’s or friend’s safety just because they are a woman. Women have always been perceived as the submissive or the more vulnerable gender then men. This leaves women unprotected against attacks. There have been a lot of women who have been raped, some being ashamed of the act they let it go, which means there is no report to the police to make a case. Even reporting a violent act, such as rape, can go unsolved because it sits in storage or the police can’t find the perpetrator. Not only does the act of rape have a negative influence on a woman physically but mentally as well. The after effects of a woman getting raped can be severe or detrimental to her mental abilities. “It destroys the entire physical and mental composure and pushes the victim into a deep emotional crisis and reduces her to a living corpse” (Jiloha 250). With such crisis as this can be one would think that it could lead a woman to suicide. Keeping such an issue to herself can make the issue worse, although seeking counseling can help ease the mind. “The victim of rape suffers mental and psychological trauma, which must be addressed to provide a helping hand to enable her to cope with the trauma suffered and to tide over her immediate and long term needs so that she is able to lead a dignified and meaningful life (jiloha 251). The act of rape can be worse for a child, or for a woman that was…

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