Essay No Matter How Much I Hate

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Ok, no matter how much I hate to admit it, I can’t come up with a revenge plan. Every time I get angry at Irene to the point of destruction, I always make a promise to myself to get back at her, but I never seem to be able to follow through with my own promise. I have been walking away from the school for about a hour now. I don 't know where I’m headed. I just plan on walking away, until all of my troubles disappear. Not the best advice, I know, but it is all I could think of doing right now. I passed a small empty gas station. In the front window, sat a young girl with brown hair in a ponytail sitting behind the cash register. I wonder how she ended up there. Was it the jerks at school or maybe her parents kicked her out for failing school? She gazed bored at the screen of her phone in the empty store surrounded by gas station chips and candy. I wonder if I’ll end up like her, a nobody. I already seem to be on the right track.
I held my broken book closer to my chest and kept walking.I was getting close to the end of town now. The streets were getting more and more vacant and the roads were slowly becoming more gravel to the point of dirt roads. I don 't know why I wasn 't going home. I should just turn around and walk there now. I’ll tell my parents the truth. I’ll tell them that I got suspended from school for- for what? It’s not like I did anything. It’s not like I ever do anything. Irene and her possy just like to push around anyone they can.
Besides, my parents…

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