No Matter How Loud I Shout Essay

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In the novel No Matter How Loud I Shout, author Edward Humes’ addresses the dysfunctions of the juvenile justice system. For a long time, most people did not even notice that the juvenile justice system is dysfunctional in any way. Once people did notice, they would tend to only focus on the child’s age when a serious crime takes place. This creates the notion that states need to lower the age of children who may tried in adult court. This notion is an ineffective tactic to try to reduce youth crime and address the dysfunctions of the juvenile justice system. The juvenile justice system’s focus should be on each individual child in order to prevent them from becoming serious criminals, and rehabilitate the children if they do reach this point. Transferring children to adult court at younger ages, or creating laws that force younger children to be sent to adult court is ineffective. It is ineffective at reducing youth crime and addressing the failing juvenile justice system because it often times produces worse results for children than the juvenile court would have. By the time a child reaches adult court for a serious crime, they most likely have already committed several less serious crimes beforehand. They tend to be habitual criminals who are only given a slap on the wrist which does not come until they are too hardened to care. Many of these children will willingly admit that they know the juvenile justice system will not reprimand them in any way that they consider…

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