No Matter Age, Race, Medical Condition, And Health Essay

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Accepting others in this world, no matter age, race, medical condition, or health is an important factor in understanding why the world is what it is today. When we look at others in a negative outlook, we are also giving ourselves away which in return others will not appreciate who we are. It is the same as showing respect earns respect. I have seen many times in the past ten years where people look poorly on others due to how they look and act. Each human is not born the same nor are they going to be living the same type of lifestyle. Some may end up not living a successful life, but that does not make it right to make fun of them at all. Show respect, talk to them, and you may learn something new.


In my own experiences, being looked on in a negative way goes back to when I was struggling medically and physically. I would be going to the doctors and the hospital with several issues, and the first thing doctors would look at is my weight not being where it needs to be. As I was walking down the hallway to get to the elevator, I looked to my left and people looked at me probably thinking, “Does he eat, or does he get fed anything?” This is horrible in many aspects of life. Just because I have trouble gaining weight does not mean I should be made fun of it. I most certainly do not make fun of people who are overweight.


For some people, they get the satisfaction of making fun of others in that it makes them feel better about their life, even though they may…

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