Essay about No Kill City Run And Funded Animal Shelters

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Purpose: The purpose of this progress report is to present an update on the plan for the city of Houston to consider becoming a “No-Kill City” and adopt “No-Kill” animal control policy in regards to city run and funded animal shelters.
Summary: On October 28, 2016, Dr. Jillian Hill, authorized my investigations of resolving a serious issue the city is facing. I have completed my investigation into the first two tasks that was needed into possibly finding a peaceful, logical resolution to the pet over-population problem Houston is facing. The two tasks included finding out the financial and budget differences between successful cities with a similar program such as Austin and cities with this issue such as Houston and finding out what are other cities and states facing the same issue doing to resolve this same problem.
My research is not only on schedule but slightly ahead of it. I expect to still turn in my recommendation report by the first week in December as proposed.
Introduction: On October 28th, 2016, Dr. Jillian Hill, Professor at University of Houston-Downtown, authorized my investigations into a much more economical and less fatal plan for the city of Houston when it comes to resolving its pet over-population and over-crowded city shelters.
Currently, shelters euthanize domestic animals everyday due to over-crowding. Many animals are brought into the shelter as strays or lost pets. Unfortunately, many do not get claimed and crowd the shelters as more keep coming…

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