Essay about No Impact Man

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Essay Two: No Impact Man Analysis

Colin Beavan’s dedication to environmental conservation is not up for debate. The No Impact Man book and project demonstrate as much. His motivations for both the book and project, however, are more complicated. Besides inspiring his audience to see a problem and make a difference, what were Beavan’s motivations for living his year carbon-neutral, and how did his motivations evolve?
For your second paper, your will formulate a thesis that answers this question. Keep in mind that there is more than one answer. Consider a few of the following issues Beavan faced before this year began: his guilt over his own family’s consumption, his relationship to his environment (New York City, the
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For instance, you could use motivating factors as subtopics and discuss how each factor evolves before moving on to the next.

Assume that your audience is college-educated (or is a fellow college student) who has read No Impact Man. You should avoid summarizing in this essay, and instead focus on providing evidence for analysis.
Your analysis should include the following: 1. An introduction that introduces the topic of sustainable living, the title of the book, the author’s name, the author’s main goals and arguments, and a strong thesis statement. 2. Several body paragraphs that support your central assertion. Each of these paragraphs should be well-developed, coherent, and focused on a clear topic sentence. Incorporate 3-4 short quotations from the book to support your ideas. Otherwise, use paraphrase when providing evidence. You must also use at least one specific reference to a piece of evidence from the NIM documentary. The body paragraphs need transitions, topic sentences, and support. 3. A conclusion that communicates your thesis in a new way and emphasizes the importance of your topic to the reader. Use a quote from the text, or leave the reader a question to think about. 4. An MLA-formatted works cited page, including citations for both the book as well as the documentary.

3.5-4.5 pages. The essay must be typed (double-spaced) on 8.5 x 11 inch sheets of white paper in standard

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