No Greater Love Hath A Son Had By George Santayana Essay

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No Greater Love Hath a Son Had
George Santayana is most famous for his perplexing statement “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”( It is for this reason that society repeatedly tells of tragic heroes; people who seem to be destined to suffer suffering, downfall, and or, defeat. Modern examples include the Lance Armstrong, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, and Justin Bieber. However society infrequently tells of the tragic heroes of the past or of those of literature like Odysseus of the Odyssey where some of the past’s greatest lessons are taught. One such almost forgotten example found in tenth grade literature, is the life of Haemon in Sophocles’ Antigone. Haemon’s loves for his father along with his father’s pride lead to Haemon’s death and his unfortunate title of a tragic hero.
The first sign of Haemon’s love and deep respect for his father is found at the start of scene three of Antigone. Haemon is asked by his father if he is come to persuade him to release his future bride, Antigone. Haemon’s response is deep noble and just what his father wants him to hear, “I am your son, Father. You are my guide. / you make things clear for me, and I obey you/ no marriage means more to me than your continuing wisdom” (Antigone, “scene 3”, 7-10); from those words Haemon pledges allegiance to his father and his desires. It seems the Heamon thinks that Creon, his father has his and his families in his best interest. But what Haemon does not…

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