Essay on No Greater Love By Danielle

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Every genre has authors that dominate their field so completely that it only takes a vague hint of genre generalities to prompt the author 's name to mind. Danielle Steel is one of these authors. Erin Fry, editor of the Romance Writers of America Association publications, stated that “In a romance, the lovers who risk and struggle for each other and their relationship are rewarded with emotional justice and unconditional love” (RWA Web). This stereotype has been both embraced and rejected by Steel in her writings, however in her novel No Greater Love, this does not seem to be the format that she follows while staying true to the accepted literary conventions of her genre. Steel recreates 1912 and the next eleven years with astonishing accurate detail. This essay will communicate certain storytelling elements of Steel’s No Greater Love, such as character development of the protagonist, Edwina Winfield, the antagonist, Malcolm Stone, and the narrative structure through an in-depth analysis. Modern romance authors tend to follow certain literary conventions, usually expressed through reusable themes and generic gender stereotypes, that have proven to be well received by the masses. Helen Leedy, author of “The Portrayal of Women in Romance Novels”, commented on the common gender roles of female characters, “A woman is intuitive, indecisive, nonrational, flighty, and emotional” (Leedy 63). The female characters are usually dependent on their male counterparts to rescue them as a…

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