No Girl Is Worth His Son 's Life Essay

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David has had enough. No girl is worth his son’s life. He takes a deep breath, placing a steady finger on the trigger. David, engulfed by his own thoughts, fails to see Brianna hold up her own gun. Brianna’s finger stays fixed on the trigger, ready to shoot at any moment. David snaps out of his own trance, finally recognizing that Brianna is armed.

"Looks like we’ll just have to see who’s faster." Brianna taunts.

"Looks like."

Josh opens his eyes. The atmosphere around him is one colossal blur. As his eyes focus in on the scenery in front of him, he notices the gun trained on Brianna. His eyes widen and a shock of pure adrenaline ignites in his veins. He moves to stand in front of Brianna.

"What the hell are you doing?" Brianna asks in shock, "Get behind me! You’re hurt!"

"I’m not letting him hurt you." Josh insists.

"Well isn’t that sweet?" David laughs in amusement, "Looks like I’ll just have to kill you both."

Without another word, David presses down on the trigger. A quick blur of silver flashes through the air.

Katy and Matt stagger through the forest, followed by a handful of police officers. Katy pauses for a moment, biting her lip in concentration.

"I think it was this way." she whispers to Matt, "I wish we had a sign or something."

The pair freeze as a loud crackling sound echos through the forest. Katy spins on her heel to face the officers in a hurry.

"That 's them, it 's gotta be." she confirms, "They can 't be too far away either!"

"This way!" an…

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