No Exit Character Analysis Essay

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No Exit Analysis of Characters


Desire: All what Garcin wanted to do, is to show others that he is not a coward. He was also trying to convince himself that what he did is not a coward thing to do.
Will: Garcin was lost; he thought he should persuade both Inez and Estelle in order to reach his main objective, he was lost and tried to convince Estelle till he realized it is Inez who should be convinced in order to reach his desire.
Moral Stance: What really Garcin wanted and cared about was his dignity and his self respect no matter if he is with Estelle or with Inez.
Decorum: He would probably be wearing a loose grey/beige jacket, a white shirt, and beige colored pants to match the jacket and black shoes.
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Unit 14
Estelle: She got relaxed after knowing who he is.
Garcin: He was annoyed from Estelle’s ridicule.
Inez: Calmly observing both.

Unit 15
Estelle: Nagging and acting classy.
Inez: Gets closer to Estelle trying to show her some interest.
Garcin: Acting as a gentle man.

Unit 16
Estelle: Confident and proud.
Inez: Quietly looking at Estelle checking her out in her every move.
Garcin: Being straight forward in his sentences.

Unit 17
Estelle: Acting in an unpleasant way with the Valet.
Inez: Quietly looking at Estelle trying to figure out how she thinks.
Gracin: Calmly surprised and observing how Estelle is talking to the valet.

Unit 18
Inez: Trying to work her charm over Estelle.
Estelle: Indifferent she tries to avoid her.
Garcin: He starts to realize what Inez is trying to do toward Estelle.

Unit 19
Estelle: Afraid from saying the truth.
Inez: Indifferent and accepting the truth.
Garcin: Feeling sorry about himself and trying to let them both feel the same.

Unit 20
Garcin: He feels he is far away from them in his own world.
Estelle: She felt disappointed from Garcin’s reactions.
Inez: Observing Estelle’s movement.

Unit 21
Estelle: She calm down and investigate the situation.
Garcin: keeps quiet and relaxed.
Inez: Watching what is going on how Garcin and Estelle are acting.

Unit 22
Garcin: Describing his wife’s actions and his while showing some sort of disgust from the whole story.

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