No Dress Code Violations At Sunnyside High School Essay

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Students at Sunnyside High School are routinely being detained by faculty for dress code violations. Additionally, during extreme weather, numerous students attend school without the proper attire to protect them from the elements. Common dress code violations include: gang affiliated clothing, short shorts, and violent or inappropriate images.
State records show that 68 percent of the 6657 students in Sunnyside schools are considered economically disadvantaged, defined as eligible for free or reduced-price lunch or other public assistance. And about 63 are in the foster care system this 2014-2015 school year ("Washington State Report Card").
Problem to address
Sunnyside High School has a need for a clothing closet for students who may not be dressed appropriately for various reasons:
1. Violation of dress code: shorts too short, spaghetti straps, etc.
2. Not appropriate for weather: no jacket, sandals, no socks etc.
3. Facility referral: student identified by facility as having a need for additional clothes (homeless, low-income).
Macro and personal reality:
Currently, no member of the school district benefits the status quo regarding this issue, dress code violations. If anything, when a staff member has to stop and address a student failing to dress properly, it cost the district in time used to handle such situations. The macro system, Sunnyside School District, requires participation from numerous different groups within the school in order for the…

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